Hi, my name is Nish and I am a software engineer and autodidact. I’ve been lucky enough to travel extensively across North America and Europe, and somewhat across Asia. My hobbies include acoustic guitar, mechanics, electronics, rock climbing, and music. I am very comfortable working in Linux and use Arch on my laptop (an XPS 9350) and Windows 10 on my desktop (mainly for gaming).

Previously, I co-founded a startup and worked as the lead software engineer. I have also held software engineering internships at The Home Depot (OrangeWorks), GE Digital, GE Power, and NCR. I also did a gig as a fintech consultant at a company based in London. If you’d like to know more about my past work experience you can download my resume or my CV.

While I enjoy software engineering, I have strong interests in chemistry and physics. I was once a chemistry teacher assistant and twice a computer science teacher assistant. Interestingly enough, I have a slight dislike towards biology. I graduated cum laude from Georgia State University with a bachelors in Computer Science.

Core Values

Good planning without good working is nothing. - Dwight D. Eisenhower

🏃‍♂️ Move with urgency, focus, and perseverance
  I care more about results than processes, but I will often question when things can be better and identify opportunities for improvement and implement them sooner than later to maximize long term results.
🧠 Be open minded and ask for feedback
  Diversity allows us to understand different perspectives and the world from someone else’s view. I try my best to ask for and give feedback so that the team constantly improving.
👨‍🔧 Stay innovative
  There’s always a new way of doing something. A quick search can help find more efficient ways of old processes and sharing that updated process benefits the community.




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